CoP-interoperability focus on adopting data quality, curation and preservation of citizen-science data, and addressing privacy and licensing for CO sustainability. CoP-interoperability will conduct and Interoperability experiment in the framework of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) called Citizen Science Interoperability Experiment (CitSciIE).

The primary focus of this experiment is to demonstrate the interoperability of Citizen Science (CS) projects and the way OGC standards can be applied to Citizen Science, including possible relationships to other relevant standards from the community. In particular, a subset of these topics will be addressed depending on the participant organizations:

  • The use of OGC standards (e.g. SWE4CS) to support data integration among CS projects, and with other sources, esp. authoritative data;
  • The integration of CS projects/campaigns in Single Sign-On system (SSO) federation;
  • The relationships between OGC standards and data and metadata standards currently used by CS projects.
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